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Welcome to Gowrie Street Newsletter Online!

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the very first Gowrie Street Newsletter. Over the past few years, we have tried a number of ways to connect with families with varying success and not every format suit everyone. But this is a way to draw people to our website and to keep all families informed of what is happening in our school.

Very important information will still be emailed to families through Compass. We are currently on a drive to encourage families to download and use the Compass App. This is a great way to get all the information you need from school that is often emailed can be accessed in the App. You will be able to see our CALENDAR of events and soon you will be able to see your child's weekly learning. We are offering a prize of a super special family ice-cream sundae making kit, including a large tub of ice-cream. Everything you need for the family to make an ice-cream sundae party right there at home!

If you have lost your Compass login details don't worry. They are being emailed to you as this is being written! There will be a prize for each section- F-1, 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6 for new families that start using the App. The prize will be drawn in the second last week of the term.

Start To The School Year

We have had a really incredible start to the school year. I have attached a photo gallery here that probably says in pictures much more than I can say in words. What I will say is that our kids have come back to school so settled and ready to make friends, participate in their learning, give things a go and enjoy themselves when they are here. I would like you to join me when I thank all our wonderful teachers who have worked so hard over the last few weeks to really support kids to take part, be involved in their learning and really embrace being back at school.

We will have an article about 3-4 Camp next week


Today we have sent out your child's attendance rate for the first half of this term. We will be sending these out every 5 weeks. We have taken into consideration any absence due to COVID 19 and this is not included in the attendance rate. Please ask your child for this if they have not handed it to you.

School Council

Reminder that we are looking for school council self nominations. School Council is a great way for you to have a voice in our school and to contribute your time and ideas to support Gowrie Street's direction


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