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About Us

Gowrie St Primary School serves a community of approximately 200 students and their families.  38% of our students identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander and 14% speak English as an Additional Language.  This diversity is something we are very proud of. 

Gowrie St has a large staff of amazing adults - over 50 of them! We have many staff who have been at Gowrie St for a long time, along with some more recent additions to our team. All of our staff care immensely for our students, and prioritise forming strong relationships with them. 

Our Leadership Team is comprised of:

  • Eron Chapman,  Principal

  • Tim Davis, Assistant Principal

  • Michelle Conley, Leading Teacher 

  • Melinda Brodie, Early Years Leader

  • Bronwyn Huggard, Wellbeing Leader

  • Jack McCormick- Mathematics Leader

  • Rebecca Byrnes- Junior Literacy Learning Specialst

Our School Teaching Teams are :

  • ​Foundation Breanna Russell

  • 1/2 Eden Maunder, Lara Wayman and Rebecca Byrnes

  • 3/4 Hannah Hoskin, Natasha Goldberg and Heather Munro

  • 5/6 Alex Peace, Ahmed AlHameli and Bec Cahill

  • PE Jack McCormick

  • Yorta Yorta Language Annette Tricarico

  • STEM Michelle Conley

  • ART Nadia Rullo

Our Education Support Teams are :

  • Cherrie Power, Business Manager

  • Jo Steen, Office Manager

  • Kerry Matthews, Family Liason Officer and office admin

Our Education Support Teams is :

 Jorjia Dempster, Karl Koelman, Damon Sanders, Cooper Hall, Lola Afolabi, Chelsea Smith, Jayne Corso, Alla Duke, Tayla Saunders , Kahly McCabe, Ingrid Tarantino, Charlie Lloyd, San Soakimi

Our Kinder Team is

Melinda Brodie

Amber Sanders

Naomi Clark


Excellence in teaching & learning

Fundamental to our students seizing life's opportuniites is excellent teaching & learning.  


We are supporting our teachers to implement best practice that propels our students to improved outcomes - we have invested heavily in Literacy and Numeracy over the last few years

We have strong focuses on:

  • Learning the foundational skills for  reading and writing

  • Providing our students with the best possible start through our program

  • Developing oral language 

  • Promoting student voice in a rich & engaging curriculum

  • Ensuring students see themselves as capable learners and are in charge of their learning progress

A productive and positive learning environment

We prioritise providing a productive and positive learning environment for our students.  Central to this is entrenching school wide positive behaviour supports.  This includes a matrix that sets out the school's values and expected behaviours - we then set about explicitly teaching these to students and acknowledging the positive behaviours we see.  


Our School's values of Determination, Excellence, Empathy and Pride underpin all of our work.



Finally, we focus on establishing strong relationships with all of our students - we really care for them! 


Additional supports for students & families


Gowrie St has a long history of providing additional supports to students and families - we are commited to them being able to seize life's opportunities no matter the challenges.


We provide a range of learning interventions through our extensive tutoring program, education support staff in each classroom and student case management of learning progress.


We also provide some outstanding Wellbeing supports, with a large Wellbeing team and our amazing paediatric clinic and play therapy program.  

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