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Gowrie Street PS Newsletter 4th March 2022

Despite technical difficulties with our internet on Friday (it wasn't just us it seems), here is our newsletter for this week.

School Review Term 2

Every four years, schools undego a review process where the Strategic Plan of the school is evaluated, recommendations are made and a new four year plan is made. A school review helps a school community by identifying goals and targets to improve student outcomes in the school’s next four-year School Strategic Plan. There is a new model for undertaking this process. The new school review model is designed to reflect the significance of review outcomes for school leadership, professional practice, curriculum content, student voice and school culture. Our school will be going through this process during Term. To get ready for the review we need to do a self evaluation. To make sure we really capture all that we have achieved in the last four years we are going to do this as a whole school. We will do this on Wednesday 30th March. This will be a student free day.

More information about our review will be coming out in the next few weeks.


  • School Council Self Nominations- please call the office if you would love to be a part of our School Council

  • Children MUST wear hats when outside at school during Term 1. Please check that your child has a hat

  • School starts at 8:50am. It's really important that we are hear at school ontime, every day!

  • Sign up to use the Compass App-see our post from last week

  • 5-6 camp to Harrietville coming up on Wednesday 24th March

  • F-1 Fauna Park excursion Monday 7th March

  • Leadership Badge Assembly Friday 11th March 2:45pm

3-4 Angahook Camp

From Ms Maunder

Summing up our camp experience is a challenge, if I was to do it in one word it would be JOY!

Joy in seeing places we haven’t experienced before; the beach, waves, rock pools, sand and a lighthouse.

The Joy in overcoming challenges while sharing that experience with others, like our incredible hike to Sheoak Falls.

The Joy in working together to learn a new skill or to cheer on our mates, both new and old.

The joy of just getting out there, working hard while enjoying the experience.

On behalf of the staff at Gowrie Street, thank you to everyone who made this possible, without your support these things don't happen. But they are very much worth it!

Writing from Faith about camp



Well done Sharneequa who has been working with Miss Sfetcopoulos. Sharneequa always has a go and she displays our school value of Determination when writing. Her positive mindset means she gives her writing her all.


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