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Gowrie Street Primary School Newsletter 3rd May 2024


  1. Check Compass Calendar for up and coming events- see last week's news to see where to find the calendar when you login.

  2. Return swimming notes ASAP


On Monday 17th June we will be holding our student led conferences. For your convenience we have allocated times. You can see your current time when you log in to COMPASS and click on the Parent Student Teacher Conference box. If you are happy with your time you don't have to do anything but come at your time so your child can show you all the great things they have been doing in their class. If you wish to change your time follow these easy directions.

Students will be at school that day and they will join you at their allocated time to talk through their work. Students love showing families and those they care about all the effort they put into their learning. If you really are unable to make it on that day please email me and we can try for another day-


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