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Gowrie Street Primary School Newsletter 2nd December 2022



Tuesday 6th and 13th December-Prep Transition

Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th December- SAM excursion F-2

Thursday 8th December-Grade 6 Graduation- Please RSVP by Monday to ensure seats

Monday 12th December- Grade 3-4 End of year fun day

Tuesday 13th December-State Wide Transition Day

Thursday 15th December- 5-6 Funfields Excursion and Prep-2 Fun night

Wednesday 14th December- Reports go home

Friday 16th December- Last Day Term 4 for Students


Monday 30th January- Term 1 2023 Starts

Friday 24th February- Curriculum Day (student-free day)

Monday 13th March- Labour Day Public Holiday

Friday 12th May- Possum Magic Show at River links F-2

Monday 29th May- Whole School Professional Practice Day (student-free day)

Thursday 6th April- Last Day Term 1


We have had a number of children riding to school without helmets on. We love that children are riding to school. It's a fantastic way to start the day and a great way to get to school. It is, however, the law that everyone riding a bike or a scooter, wear a helmet. Please see the VICROADS website for information about wearing helmets. Please ensure that your children have helmets on if they are riding to school. If students arrive at school without a helmet we will be calling parents to collect the bikes and scooters and children will be asked to walk until they have a helmet.


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