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Gowrie Street Primary School Newsletter 23rd February 2024

Updated: Mar 1


  • Our calendar is on Compass. If you need help accessing Compass please see here

  • Please only send water to school. We allow children to drink all day- water from their drink bottle

  • Hats are really important- children must have a hat to play outside

GRADE 5/6 CAMP to The Outdoor School at Greta

On camp we went creek walking and it was so cool! We also went bike riding but I fell over. Also we went canoeing before we swam in the dam. Then on the last day I got stung by a wasp and it hurt. I still had so much fun because there was lots of new things to try. I would so go back.

  • Alexis

One afternoon at 15 Mile Creek with Gowrie Street Primary School the 5/6's went on a school camp. They did lots of activities based on 'challenge and grow'. On the first day we had an introduction to camp and went bike riding. Then on the second day we did the flying fox. It was fun and I really enjoyed it because it was over a bush lookout. It was also fun because I got to hold hands on it with Natahlia. Then on the third day we did creek walking and also rock climbing. Then we got ready for camp out and we slept in tents. It was really fun.



On leadership camp:

  • We got to play with dogs.

  • We went to the pub.

  • We did challenges for points and Maccas ice cream.

  • We made smores and damper.

  • We had a good swim because it was hot.



Our lunch program is really taking off! We have ironed out some of the fiddly things and have a great streamlined process now. We have our 5/6s helping out serving and cleaning up, building a great set of skills along the way.

We are encouraging ALL students to participate so that they are filling up on a nutritious, delicious lunch, so that they are at their absolute best to learn. This is our first aim of the program- that every child has filled up on a nutritious lunch, every day. Our second aim is that when we provide lunch to EVERYONE, EVERYDAY, we are supporting families, taking the stress and cost of making sure kids have lunch. We have put lots of time and money into the program and would love to see every child taking part.

We will encourage all students to try the lunch. We all know that getting kids to try new things can be a bit of a challenge but well worth persevering.

Research shows that a child may need to be exposed to a food 10 or more times before they feel comfortable with it .

If they really are unable to eat it, they will be allowed to eat lunch brought from home. In line with the Australian Healthy Eating Guide, we are asking that if you are sending food from home, that it is strong in the foods in the circle.

Great choices for lunches can be found HERE.  

If students have, in their lunch boxes, SOMETIMES foods found right at the bottom of the guide, they will be encouraged to eat those at snack time after second recess, not in the dining room at lunch time- which is a time saved for foods that will help us learn and grow.

Growing bodies and brains must have access to healthy foods and that is our main aim with our lunch program.


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