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Gowrie Street Primary School Newsletter

Updated: Feb 23


Today will be the last time the Calendar is in the newsletter. From next week you can access the Calendar using the COMPASS APP- see below about how to get the app and sign in.

Tuesday 6th February- Hands-On Learning Induction Morning

Monday 5th February- Essendon Football Club Q&A Grades 3-6

Friday 9th February- Welcome Morning- see invitation below

Tuesday 12th February- 5/6 Outdoor School Camp- please return medical forms by Monday

Thursday 15th February- 3/4 Botanical Gardens Excursion- forms to be sent home Monday

Monday 19th February- School Leaders Leadership Camp

Friday 23rd February- Harmony Day Celebration

Monday 11th March- Labour Day Public Holiday- School closed

Tuesday12th March- Real Schools Curriculum


We have had a beautifully settled start to 2024. I would like to extend a very warm Gowrie Street welcome to all our new families. Our first-time school kids- our gorgeous new Preps- have taken to school life with gusto and have had lots of fun, done some great learning and become part of our family already! Starting school is such a big deal and a massive step in a tiny person's life, and they have all managed it so well, thanks to their superpowers of enthusiasm, their supportive and courageous (it can be scary to send your smallest people to school) families and their incredible teachers!



Our start to running the lunch program has started very well. We are still ironing out some small issues with the kitchen and managing the organisation of moving that many kids through eating lunch, but has started off strong thanks to the tireless work and endless patience Chelsea has put in.

We are encouraging ALL students to participate so that they are filling up on a nutritious, delicious lunch, so that they are at their absolute best to learn. We will encourage all students to try the lunch, but if they really are unable to eat it, they will be allowed to eat lunch brought from home. In line with the Australian Healthy Eating Guide, we are asking that if you are sending food from home, that it is strong in the foods in the circle. Great choices for lunches can be found HERE.  If students have , in their lunch boxes, SOMETIMES foods found right at the bottom of the guide, they will be encouraged to eat those at snack time after second recess, not in the dining room at lunch time- which is a time saved for foods that will help us learn and grow.

  It is important that growing bodies and brains have access to healthy foods and that is our main aim with our lunch program.

If you would like to discuss the lunch program, please call the office to make a time to talk to Eron. If you would love to come and help out at the lunch program, please fill in this FORM and we will give you a call.


As of last year, Gowrie Street finally ended up with a new PCC. Last year, this group organised the Father's Day stall, which was a massive success. The group also helped out with the Colour Fun Run, that the Hands-On Learning program had organised.

The PCC also organised and worked with students to make the 2023 Graduation a successful event too.

For 2024, the PCC are looking for more willing helpers who would like to be part of the group and work on some new and exciting things that Gowrie Street students and community will enjoy all year. If you would like to join, please fill in this FORM and Liz will be in contact.


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