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Gowrie Street Primary School Newsletter 18th November


Tuesday 22nd, 29th November 6th, 13th December-Prep Transition

Wednesday 30th November- Hands-On Learning Open Day 12.30pm

Thursday 8th December-Grade 6 Graduation- Invitations will go home next week

Tuesday 13th December-State Wide Transition Day

Thursday 15th December- 5-6 Funfields Excursion and Prep-2 Fun night

Wednesday 14th December- Reports go home

Friday 16th December- Last Day Term 4 for Students

Classes For 2023

We are almost done planning for our 2023 classes. This is a very important and detailed job and takes weeks and weeks to get right. Families will be informed of their child's teacher on Monday 11th December just before the whole school transition day.

Grade 3-4 Camp to Kinglake Forest Adventure Camp

Our 3/4 camp was SO FUN! We got to see wallabies, wombat holes, beautiful birds, leeches and the Cookie Monster. Our time at camp included us exploring the forest, teamwork activities and stepping out of our comfort zone. We walked across a high wobbly bridge, towards a platform, there we took a leap of faith free fall. We enjoyed completing each activity with our friends such as participating in a flash mob dance, playing drums, tug of war, balancing a giant seesaw and completing a radio path mission. The camp leaders taught us how to connect to the environment, encouraging and supporting us to face our fears and complete each challenge by using communication and teamwork skills.

You can see all their amazing adventures on their Facebook Page

Prep-2 Fun Night- Permission slips went home Friday

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