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Gowrie Street Primary School Newsletter 17th November 2023

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Tuesday 21st and 28th November/ 5th and 12th December- Prep 2024 Transition Mornings

Thursday 23rd and 30th November- Prep 2024 Transition Afternoons

Monday 4th December- P-2 Beechworth Bee School excursion

Tuesday 5th December- Grade 5 Aspiration Day GSSC

Thursday 7th December- Grade 6 Graduation

Monday 11th December- Grade 5-6 Fun Pool Day and F-2 Fun Night

Tuesday 12th December -Statewide Transition Day

Thursday 14th December- Grade 3-4 Fun Pool Day

Monday 19th December- Last Day of School Students FESTIVAL FUN DAY FOR FAMILIES

Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st December- Curriculum Days- STUDENT-FREE DAYS

Tuesday 30th January 2024- FIRST DAY TERM 1 2024



All schools in Victoria MUST follow the laws regarding mobile phones in schools. Students must not have mobile phones with them in their classrooms, in their bags or in the playground. They must leave their phone with Jo at the office, where it is placed in a safe locked box, in a named bag, until the end of the day when students can collect them and take them home.


Please see last fortnight's newsletter about signing up for Compass. As the end of the year draws close please download the Compass App for regular updates from the school. Next year we will be using Compass to send families regular updates about their child's learning so it's a great time now to grab the free app and log on. If you need your login details please give the office a call.




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