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Gowrie Street Primary School Newsletter 24th November 2023

Updated: Dec 1, 2023


Tuesday  28th November and 5th and 12th December- Prep 2024 Transition Mornings

Thursday 30th November- Prep 2024 Transition Afternoons

Monday 4th December- P-2 Beechworth Bee School excursion

Tuesday 5th December- Grade 5 Aspiration Day GSSC

Thursday 7th December- Grade 6 Graduation

Monday 11th December- Grade 5-6 Fun Pool Day and F-2 Fun Night

Tuesday 12th December -Statewide Transition Day

Thursday 14th December- Grade 3-4 Fun Pool Day

Monday 19th December- Last Day of School Students FESTIVAL FUN DAY FOR FAMILIES

Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st December- Curriculum Days- STUDENT-FREE DAYS

Tuesday 30th January 2024- FIRST DAY TERM 1 2024


Our breakfast program is open from 8.10 am. If your child is coming to school at that time they MUST go in to eat breakfast. Children can't be in the yard until there is a teacher on yard duty.

The gates open at 8.25 am for children to play in the yard.


Today we had some grade 5 and 6 students from Mooroopna Park, Mooroopna and Murchison come and give a performance for our grade 4 and 5s. They are part of a music program that we are going to be offering our grades 5-6 next year. It was a taster of the instruments they could learn and the band they could be part of. If your child is in Grade 4 or 5 this year, a note will go out next week with details. Please have a chat with your child We would love to have as many students participate as possible.


Invitations were sent out for graduation we sent out this week. Please make sure you RSVP by Friday 1st December. You can call the office or book HERE. Currently, we need to keep guests to 4 people for each family (not including graduating students) but you can request extras and we can get back to you once we get all numbers confirmed.


In STEM this week, our 3/4s were lucky enough to have the four people from Engineers Without Borders come to run a workshop on Appropriate Housing. The 3/4s became mini engineers, where they had to design and make a house that could float. Students then tested how many people their home could hold by placing marbles on them. Most of the 3/4 houses held over 30 marbles, with the winning group’s house holding 84. Thank you to Raahim, Daniel, Charlotte and Ava, who ran this fantastic workshop.



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