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Gowrie St Primary School Newsletter 5th August


Wednesday 10,17,24 August Grade 5-6 Winter Sport

Tuesday16th August Whole School Melbourne Museum Excursions- Every child at every grade level is going! IF YOU HAVENT RETURNED A PERMISSION FORM PLEASE DO SO BY MONDAY OR THERE WILL NOT BE A PLACE- THERE IS NO OTHER SCHOOL THAT DAY

Thursday 18th August Grade 3-6 Beatbox Workshop with Jobe

Wednesday 24th August Greater Shepparton Secondary College Year 7 2023 Family Information Session 5:30pm – 6:30pm at Greater Shepparton Secondary College

Friday 26th August Book Week Celebration Day

Thursday 16th September Athletics Day

Friday 2nd September Fathers/Grandfathers/Uncles/Special Person Breakky

Friday 17th September Dream Big Day- also the last day of Term 3

OUR GRADE 5/6B News Report

This term the Grade 5-6 students have been spending their Wednesday afternoons at Winter Sport. Here is my experience of the game.

“Get your game faces on” I was saying in my head. It was a head-to-head game at the netball court. I wonder how the handball players are going, hopefully better than us. We have 0 goals and they have 8 so far. Hopefully we take the lead soon!

A bit later it’s our 2nd quarter and we still have 0. They are on 13 points.

By 3rd quarter it’s 16 for them 0 for us again…

Final quarter they ended up with 29 and we ended up with 1. Better luck next week Gowrie!! By Ashlyn

Lighthouse/Rotary Program

Our grade 6 students have started, what has now become a tradition at Gowrie St, their fortnightly program with Lighthouse/Rotary. Every second Monday afternoon students go on an adventure with a number of Rotary volunteers and this is sponsored by Lighthouse. This week they went down to the Mooroopna Flats and were joined by Uncle Lance and Greg James. You will see the wonderful time they had in our photos for this week. Many thanks to Kathy Fuller from Lighthouse for organsing the excursion and to Amy DePaola for the beautiful photos.

Farewell Marcus

This week we farewell Marcus Ruggi who has been a part of the Gowrie St team for many years now. As an ES, Marcus has helped so many children with their learning, with their social/emotional development and he has also been a wonderful colleague to staff- known for always caring and his thoughtful ways. He will be missed but we are happy for him on his brand new journey. Thanks Marcus from all of us at Gowrie St.

Junklandia Performance

On Monday our Grade 3-6s were part of a workshop/performance- Junklandia. This high-energy show was about two brothers from the faraway planet JUNKLANDIA who embark on a mission to Earth to teach the earthlings the Junklandian ways of music and creative recycling! The show was a mix of rhythm, dance, circus and comedy.

Kitchen utensils and buckets became a dynamic drum kit; plastic bags, cardboard boxes and the human body became instruments.

All our students participated open heartedly and with enthusiasm and everyone (adults included) had a great time. It was great to see some innovative music creation, lots of laughs and happy smiling faces!


At Gowrie St we know that learning to read is probably the most important skill we can teach children to set them up for good life. So much rides on being a capable reader and life is very, very difficult when reading is hard for you. This is why we put so much emphasis on learning to read and our teachers do a great deal of planning about how best to teach each and every child how TO read in the younger years and then go deeper and learn FROM reading in the later years. Lots of effort goes into planning targeted reading support for each child so that they can all progress and get better at their reading. BUT we can't get this learning to children who are not at school! We know that the best learning happens at the start of the day because kids are fresh and ready to go so mostly we start our day with Reading and Writing as we believe these are the most important. Children who are late for school miss out on this important learning time and for the most part, this can not be made up because as the day rolls on all our other learning has to happen- Maths, Inquiry, PE, Language, Social/Emotional Learning, Art.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to really focus on reading and targeting students' needs so please help them to succeed by helping them get to school by 8.50am every day.


Tips for getting to school on time:-

  • Good night's sleep with an appropriate bedtime. The recommended amount of sleep for 6-12 year-olds is between 9 and 11 hours.

  • Being organised- having bags packed and uniforms ready the night before means there is less rush in the morning. Lunches also can be packed and in the fridge the night before. Kids can then get themselves ready if they need to.

  • Routines help get kids used to getting up at the same time every day. Alarms set help build this too.

  • Come to school early and be part of our Huff and Puff and then children can go and grab a great breakfast from our breaky programme.


Click the picture to get daily updates. GREEN house is still in the lead!

INSPIRED YOU- Cultural Education & Workshops

We are so very lucky to be having Nartarsha Bamblett (we will call her 'our Tarsh') working with our girls. Every week Tarsh is working with our Koorie girls from grades 3-6 around the themes of connection to Self, Culture, Country & Community. In these sessions (group and individual) Tarsh creates a beautifully safe space for the girls to express themsleves in a range of ways and to build confidence and self awareness and to connect with each other. Each week we will add some photos of the sessions.


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