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Gowrie St Primary School Newsletter 17th June 2022


Monday 20th June Hand On Learning DIM SIM day. Orders can be taken until 9am Monday morning.

Monday 20th- Wedneday 22nd June. Grade 3-4 ACCA ART Incursion

Wednesday 22nd June Prep/1 Historical Society Excursion

Thursday 23rd June Reports home/Last day of Term 2- normal finish time 3.15pm

Junior School Council Out Of Uniform Fundraiser- information below

Friday 24th June Curriculum Day Student Free Day- only teachers at school



August 1st Junklandia Regional Arts Victoria Performance


We have had a number of studnets recently arriving to school as early as 7:50am. Staff at school are not required to activly supervise the yard until 8.30am. We generally will open the gates at around 8.20am as there is a few staff around at this time. Please make sure your children know what time they can come into the school grounds. We cannot actively supervise students until after 8.20am.


Grades 1-2 and 3-4

Bendigo Excursion Writing By 1/2A

On Wednesday we went for a big long drive to Bendigo so we could go to the Science Discovery Centre. This was our very first out of town excursion.

The first thing we did was go on the giant vertical slide.

  • It made me feel scared because it was so high - Lylah.

  • I was a bit worried to go down it when I looked over the edge and held the pole - Jett.

  • I felt sick after because my tummy went way too fast - Alex.

  • I was so scared but went down and it almost made me spew - Jessica.

  • When I went down my tummy felt like it had butterflies - Mckaylah.

  • I felt proud of myself after I went down the slide - Evelyn.

  • When I went down he said my back wouldn’t go off the slide but it did - Nick.

  • When he said 3, 2, 1 I went down and I made a really scared face – Emily.

  • When I went down it I was scared but I tried to be brave - Sanam.

  • It made me feel scared so I didn’t go down – Violette.

Then we went to the Planetarium and saw the planets moving around on the roof.

  • We learned about planets – Papa

  • It was cool – Braxtyn

  • It was fun – Latoya

  • We got to see Pluto and learned that it snows red! – Alex

  • Earth has countries and I saw Australia - Jessica

After that we went and played on all of the different activities. My favourite one was…

  • The maze because it was lots of mirrors – Declan

  • The legless illusion in a fruit bowl – Aylee

  • The echo pipes because when you yell in them it sounds cool – Lylah

  • The shadow box because when the light goes on you put your hand on it and when the light goes off you can still see your shadow – Taequin

  • The magnetic spinning balls because you had to try and keep the balls on the wheel - Jett

It was a very very fun day! We can’t wait for our next excursion!

Recount by 1/ 2 B

Here are our thoughts about our Bendigo excursion.

I liked the mirror maze. It was funny.

By Liam

I sat next to Matthew and Peyton on the bus. We coloured and watched a movie. I went down a 7m high slide. It was exciting!

By Bella

I liked the 7m slide, the mirror maze and the pulley chair.

By Amana

I sat next to Amelia. I liked the mirror maze.

By Bonnie

I sat next to Isabel and Kaiden.

By Abel

I liked the mirror maze and the bowl of fruit.

By Rhylan

I went down the slide. It was fun!

By Caleb

I liked the pulley chair. I changed my mind and didn’t go down the slide.

By Amelia

My favourite was the mirror maze and the fruit. I hated the see saw.

By Imran

I sat next to Bonnie. I liked the pulley chair.

By Isabel


Our Grades 3-6 writers have been using a wonderful new writing website filled with great resources, live webinars with authors and a great way for students to share their writing. For the end part of this term they have been writing books to publish both for our library but also for the online library that the Littlescribe people put togther for students all over Australia to share their writing.. So far we have two great titles in our Gowrie St Littlescribe online library and you can read them by clicking the names below-

We will share more titles as they are placed in the library!


The grade 5-6s have been doing book reviews as part of their reading. Here we have a great example done by Isi Fotu


Thursday will be an out of unifrom day for our JSC to raise money for the Shepparton Soup Kitchen. Azem and his family support those that need all kinds of help around Shepparton and they have also been so kind to donate soup to us that we are repaying the favour. Please bring a gold coing to donate and wear your funnest gear to school!


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