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Gowrie St Primary School Newsletter 15th July 2022


Wednesday 20,27 July 10,17,24 August Grade 5-6 Winter Sport

Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd July Student eye tests


Tuesday 26th July Grade 3-4 ACCA excursion

Monday 25th July Grade 1-2 Cricket Clinic

Monday 1st August Junklandia Regional Arts Victoria Performance

Tuesday16th August Whole School Melbourne Museum Excursions- Every child at every grade level! Permission notes are due back Tuesday 2nd August

Thursday 18th August Grade 3-6 Beatbox Workshop with Jobe

Friday 26th August Book Week Celebration Day

Friday 17th September Dream Big Day- also the last day of Term 3


Despite the FREEZING cold mornings we have had a wonderful start ot the term. Students have come back from holidays settled and ready to jump back into their learning. We have a great term planned with some exciting excursions, workshops and performances.

Mrs T is taking some well earned long service leave and we are lucky to have found a great relief teacher to cover her time away- Beck and her therapy dog Ollie will be taking music for those sessions that would usually be Yorta Yorta with Mrs T.


Today we had our NAIDOC celebration. We spent the afternoon doing music, craft and sports. Thank you Auntie Leanne and Mrs T for puting on a great spread down at Manega and thanks to the families that came down for afternoon tea. Make sure you check out our photos of the day!


If you are enrolling your child's/children's siblings for Prep next year, please call the office for enrolment forms and we can send them home. If you know anyone considering enrolling children for Prep next year you could share our Prep Handbook with them. Click on the picture to see the handbook.


We are currently dealing with a number of issues where students are using social media (mostly SnapChat and TikTok) to harrass other students in some pretty awful and mean ways and we need your help to make sure this is stopped. We work really hard at school to help students deal with conflicts or miscommunications with each other. Once kids are at home and online we can't be there to monitor them. We have had a number of situations that have occured very late at night. This is where we need your help. It is ALWAYS a reccommendation that children do not have devices in their bedrooms at night. They are in no way good at self regualting their use on their own. It is really harmful to kids to be up all night online. It disregulates their sleep which has massive impacts on their mental health and wellbeing. Another way to make sure your children are safe online is to monitor their online use. Most social media platforms have a minimum age for signing up- 13 for SnapChat and TikTok and 16 for Instagram. It is hard for us at school to deal with these issues when we know full well the kids should not be using these apps. All recommendations from the Department of Education are that we refer online issues out of school time to the police and this is not something we want to do- again this is where we need your help. We understand how much pressure there is on kids to be using social media but without proper supervision all the time, massive problems can and are occurring. It is so very important that there is adult monitoring and supervision of childrens' time online to keep them safe and to make sure they are also being approprite themselves.

HERE are some great resources for parents and carers to use to help keep their children safe online.

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