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Gowrie St Primary School Newsletter 13th May


Monday 16th and 23rd May Grade 3-6 AFL Program

Friday 20th May Walk to School Day Prep-2 Fairytale Puppets Incursion/ 5-6 Interschool Sport- Footy, Netball, T-Ball

Tuesday 24th May 3-4 ACCA Melbourne Excursion

Thursday 28th May Sorry Day

Friday 27th May Student Free Day- Teacher Professional Practice Day

Friday 10th June School Photos

Monday 13th June Queens Birthday Public Holiday

Thursday 23rd June Reports home/Last day of Term 2

Friday 24th June Curriculum Day Student Free Day


Our wonderful grade 5-6 students had a long week this week with 4 days having a test. The test are Writing, Reading, Lanuage Conventions (spelling and grammar) and Maths. This year was our first year doing the tests online which brings with it another layer of challenge. Every student that did these tests displayed our school values of Determination, Pride and Excellence. We were so proud of how well they participated and despite challenges persisted through. Today they had a reward of pizza. We had a Kid's Town excursion planned but the weather wasn't great so we will try to fit it in later in the term. Well done you guy!

Cross Country

Today we had four students compete in the Division cross country. They represented Gowrie St showing pride and determintation. Well done to them all. Congratualtions to Botoyi Kirunga in grade 6 has made it to represent Goulburn Murray Division in the Hume Region Cross Country Championships in Benalla.


Last week we sent home information and forms about the State School's Relief program Glasses For Kids. This is a fantastic opportunity to get your child's vision tested and if required provided with glasses free of charge.

See this video for information about vision testing and if you didn't receieve the information and would like your child tested, please call Jo in the office.

Student Free Days This Term

Usually we have one studnet free day per term and this day is used for teachers to build thier knowledge and professional learning. The student free day on the last day of this term will be for that. Our teachers will spend the day to improve their responsive teaching skills. The student free day coming up on Friday 27th May is a bit different. This day is a day that is usually taken by teachers individually and another teacher or an casual relief teacher will take the grade on that day. Due to a mssive shortage of teachers to cover these days for schools, the Department of Education has approved for this day to be a student free day. Teachers will spend this day working on assessment, planning, curriculum development and reporting.


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