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DREAM BIG (Nurratj Dungudja) is our community-wide campaign for our students to see their strength and to use this to pursue their hopes and dreams. 

We work with all students to identify their hopes for the future and their strengths.  They use these to set really clear goals for the school year.  All of this is recorded on their Hopes & Dreams plans. 

In Term 1 and 3 we hold DREAM BIG (Nurratj Dungudja) - special days celebrating our community and our students' hopes and dreams.  They attend student-led conferences with their families and take them through their plans.  They are also special community days, filled with activities, food and performances.  

Harnessing strengths, seizing opportunities

At Gowrie St we are very proud of our diverse community and the strength this brings.

We have created a special role - Opportunities Coordinator - so we can provide as many programs for students as possible.

This includes opportunities to explore their culture and the cultures of others.  It also includes activities both inside and outside of class. Each year we run a whole range of exciting opportunities - so get involved!

We have lots of community partnerships that bring exciting opportunities into our schools for our students - these include the Lighthouse Project, Rotary, Mission Australia, Smith Family, Hands on Learning and ASHE. 




Tel: (03) 5821 3100



Mon - Fri: 8.15am - 4.30pm


Acting Principal - Tim Warwick

Assistant Principal - Teaching & Learning - Eron Chapman

Assistant Principal - Student Wellbeing - Ben Balmer 


Enrolment enquiries can be made at any time by contacting our office and making an appointment.

Enrolments for 2021 can be accepted all year round.


1-19 Gowrie St

Shepparton VIC 3630

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