Gowrie Street Primary School Vision Statement

At Gowrie Street Primary School students will develop their individual talents, critical thinking, and collaborative skills by being actively engaged in the learning process.    Promoting high expectations, teachers, parents, and the community will share the responsibility of providing a balanced, varied school curriculum designed to meet the academic, cultural, and social needs of individuals from the diverse backgrounds of our community.   Maintaining a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment will ensure that our students are proud, self-directed, lifelong learners who care for their learning, others, our school and themselves.
We will achieve this Vision by
  • Emphasising high expectations on all
  • Emphasising a strong focus on consistent Literacy and Numeracy practices
  • Promoting our school values of Caring for your learning, others our school and themselves
  • Recognising and catering for individual differences and needs, providing programs that promote high expectations for every student
  • Having a welcoming ‘open door’ environment which promotes opportunity for parent and community participation, facilitating decision-making partnerships supportive of education, early childhood development, extra-curricular activity, welfare and disability assistance for students and their families through specialist professional support
  • Ensuring a quality inclusive learning environment, ensuring the use of enriching and engaging resources responsive to student voice, and supportive of student wellbeing
6/22/2018 2:30 PMWhole School Assesmbly 
6/29/2018 2:30 PMWhole School Assesmbly 
7/6/2018 2:30 PMWhole School Assesmbly 
7/13/2018 2:30 PMWhole School Assesmbly 
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7/27/2018 2:30 PMWhole School Assesmbly 
8/3/2018 2:30 PMWhole School Assesmbly 
8/10/2018 2:30 PMWhole School Assesmbly 
8/17/2018 2:30 PMWhole School Assesmbly 
8/24/2018 2:30 PMWhole School Assesmbly 
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